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It was never easier to produce your own footage from the stratosphere. Here you can buy a weather balloon as well as other important items for the flight into the stratosphere.

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Weather balloon 200
Weather Balloon 200
This weather balloon is ideal for light payloads of up to 200g. This is suitable to send your radiosonde or other measuring instruments...
49,00 €
Weather balloon 800
Weather Balloon 800
This balloon is particularly suitable for beginners and can carry a payload of up to 800 g. The average altitude at which the balloon burst...
99,00 €
Weather balloon 1600
Weather Balloon 1600
This weather balloon is optimized for maximum flight levels and reaches an average altitude of 36,000 m! That makes it our Bestseller.
189,00 € 199,00 €
Weather balloon 2000
Weather Balloon 2000
We recommend this balloon for challenging projects to achieve ambitions altitudes. A payload of up to 2000g reaches an average burst altitude of 38.000m....
349,00 €
Weather balloon 3000
Weather Balloon 3000
This weather balloon is the unbeaten favorite if you you want to be a high flyer. With a payload of up to 3000g and an average burst altitude...
799,00 €
Weather balloon checklist
Keep the overview about your weather balloon project. We collected this list from our experience from more than 100 weather balloon launches. ...
0,00 €
A parachute and a weather balloon are the basics for launching your self-built polystyrene probe into the stratosphere and bringing...
124,95 €
Weather Balloon Kit
Weather Balloon Kit
The all-round carefree package contains everything that you need for a successful launch of a weather balloon. The very lightweight polystyrene probe...
339,00 € 349,00 €
Tethered Balloon
Tethered Balloon
This tethered Balloon can be filled with helium and remain connected to the ground with a cord. The balloon can carry a payload of up to 2400g...
199,00 €149,00 €
Parachute 800
The parachute ensures that the equipment is brought back to earth gently. The maximum payload of 800 g is sufficient at least to bring the smaller...
29,95 €
Parachute 2500
This parachute was specially designed by us for use with a weather balloon. Its payload of 2500 g makes it ideal for bringing several cameras safely...
49,95 €
The Datalogger was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for measuring and recording data in high-altitude scientific experiments.
229,00 € 249,00 €
Battery pack
The battery of a normal action-cam does not provide enough power for recording the entire flight. With the help of this battery pack...
17,99 €
Do-It-Yourself battery pack
This do-it-yourself kit enables you to build your own battery pack which would increase the running time of your camera.
5,95 €
High-performance batteries
These extreme powerful batteries supply your camera with enough power to record all of a long journey.
6,99 €
9V Battery for Datalogger
These extreme powerful batteries supply your Datalogger STRATO2 with enough power for more than 24 hours.
9,95 €
Special cords
With the help of this cord, the weather balloon is connected to the parachute and subsequently fixed to the polystyrene probe.
9,95 €
Gloves, 2 Pairs
The use of protective gloves helps to protect the sensitive outer skin of the weather balloon against possible damage from fingernails, rings etc.
2,95 €
GPS Tracker TK 102
We have used this tracker successfully for all of our flights into the stratosphere. This device is extremely reliable and transmits...
79,00 €
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