» Start your private space mission «

This is your chance to stand out with our space event.

Stratoflights provides a unique live-experience. Follow us on an adventurous journey into the stratosphere to impress your clients, motivate your employees with a galactic team event, celebrate an anniversary and let your visions fly high.

Therefore we created different modules for an extraordinary live-event.
Contact us – we will be happy to advise you.


Team event

You are searching for an extraordinary team event? What about becoming NASA engineers for one day? With the help of our employees your team will construct the Styrofoam probe, install the camera equipment and the GPS-system and will subsequently start their own space mission.

Wedding event

The best day in the life of a couple should be their wedding. And this moment should be memorized in a special way. Maybe with your wedding picture from the stratosphere, as a proof for your endless love?

Summer festival & city festival

You wish to have an exclusive summer festival event? Where your guests will be able to take an active role? Because this is exactly what we at Stratoflights offer. We will send a balloon to the stratosphere, including a live feed for your guests.

Company event

An anniversary is always a big milestone in the history of a company. You review the past and explore the secrets of your success. If you are looking for an event to honestly impress your guests and journalists we are glad to present you our idea: A flight into a Stratosphere.