» Idea for your summer festival:
A flight into the Stratosphere! «

eventortNationwide in Germany, other countries on request
eventdauerone hour ore longer

You wish to have an exclusive summer festival event? Where your guests will be able to take an active role? Because this is exactly what we at Stratoflights offer. We will send a balloon to the stratosphere, including a live feed for your guests. It is an astonishing moment when the balloon breaks through the clouds and sets of further on towards the sun, these scenes will take your breath. We can provide the whole material that you need:

  • Weather balloon
  • Apprx. 200 little balloons
  • Camera
  • GPS-system.
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  • wetterballon_event_von_oben
  • wetterballon_event
  • Space Event Münster
  • Live Bild Space Event
  • Teddy mit Luftballons
  • Luftballon Massenstart
  • Teddy in der Stratosphäre
  • Tischtennisbälle am Wetterballon
  • Octocopter filmt Wetterballon
  • Wetterballon über den Wolken
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Aim high with our stratoflight

The dream of flying is probably as old as mankind itself. And in this dream the people always want to be the first, the fastest, or simply the best. Maybe this will stay a lifelong dream, but until you fulfill your dream of flight, why not go as near as possible? You could let a weather balloon rise to the stratosphere and watch it via live feed on a screen. Your guests can attach their wishes to a small balloon so that hundreds of these will guide our ‘weather balloon mother ship’ on their adventurous journey.

If all the balloons are ready for takeoff the crowd can start the balloons with the NASA procedure: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0-takeoff. Then all the balloons will take off together and aim for the stratosphere. Our camera equipped drone can capture the event from an aerial view and follow the balloons on their first hundreds of meters. If you want to make your summer festival outstanding – this is how you do it.

Livebild IconLive broadcasting
Your guests can follow the flight and experience their city or the premises from a whole new perspective through live broadcasting.

LocationNationwide in Germany, other countries on request
DurationOne hour ore longer
RealizationYear-round outdoor
  • Introduction of Technology
  • Construction of Styrofoam tube
  • Production of test recording on the ground
  • Filling up the balloon with helium gas
  • Take-off into the stratosphere
  • Geolocalisation and recovery of the balloon
  • Inspection of material

Additional options:

Filmbegleitung IconFilm production
Our professional film crew produces a final film, adapted to your individual needs and ideas.
Drohne IconUse a drone
Our camera-equipped drone will escort the weather balloon on its first hundred meters of the trip and will add another outstanding perspective to the final video.