» How to register your weather balloon in Switzerland «

Do you want to start your mission to space with a weather balloon in Switzerland? Then please follow this easy step. In recent years, stratoflights has already carried out numerous missions in Switzerland. The registration for the uplift of a weather balloon is very straightforward and easy compared to other countries. The following link will lead you to the website of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). There you will receive the newest information about the pre-condition and restrictions considering near airfields.

For our flights from different starting points in Switzerland, we first informed the FOCA about our starting point and asked if we must obey any restrictions considered the uplift at the starting point. At various starting points we did not have to obtain approval for numerous launches, so the release of our weather balloons was free of charge. Please note that depending on the starting location as well as wind or weather conditions, your probe might leave Switzerland and land in an adjacent state. For this case, a permit for the country which might be flown over is needed.

Registration BAZL

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Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt
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Zentrale: 0041 584658039

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