» Exclusive idea for your companies anniversary celebration «

eventdauerone hour or more

An anniversary is always a big milestone in the history of a company. You review the past and explore the secrets of your success. If you are looking for an event to honestly impress your guests and journalists we are glad to present you our idea: A flight into a Stratosphere. We attach cameras and your logo to a weather balloon and send it off into space to record amazing footage which can be shown live on a screen.

Firmenfeier-Idee Space Event

Make your companies anniversary unique

Who has ever launched a balloon into the stratosphere on their anniversary celebration? From the launch to the point where the balloon breaks through the clouds, your guests will enjoy the view and follow the action with great excitement. To make it as easy as possible for you we take care of every detail:

  • Registration by the traffic control
  • Insurance
  • Preparation and the flight
  • Live feed.
  • fuessen
  • sobu_flug
  • sobu_flug1
  • wuerth_ballonstart
  • Firmenfeier Octocopter
  • Start Wetterballon AMD
  • Blick zur Erde
  • Logo vor der Kamera
  • Kamera nach unten - Wolken
  • Blick auf die Erde

Company anniversary with spectacular actions

If you plan an exclusive event, Stratoflights would be happy to assist you with a flight to the stratosphere. Show your guests, clients and journalists that your company stands out. We can launch the weather balloon with hundreds of smaller balloons, a drone, four cameras and other surprises. With these ideas you can surprise and create a great feedback – the media will love it.

Livebild IconLive broadcasting
Your guests can follow the flight and experience their city or the premises from a whole new perspective through live broadcasting.

DurationOne hour or more
RealizationYear-round outdoor
  • Presentation of the project
  • Launch the weather balloon
  • 200 little balloons with greetings
  • Live feed during from the onboard camera
  • Optional: Aerial photography via drone

Additional options:

Filmbegleitung IconFilm production
Our professional film crew produces a final film, adapted to your individual needs and ideas.
Drohne IconUse a drone
Our camera-equipped drone will escort the weather balloon on its first hundred meters of the trip and will add another outstanding perspective to the final video.
Logo im Bild IconYour logo for advertising purposes
Present your message to the world and use the photos for your advertising purposes.