» How to register your weather balloon in the United Kingdom «

To register your weather balloon flight in the United Kingdom, your stratosphere mission must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) early. The CAA will need at least 28 days prior to your planned ascent You have to give various information about your mission such as start location, start time or start period and a few details about the equipment. Furthermore, the exact starting point must be marked in a so-called Ordnance Survey Map (OS Map) and sent to the CAA together with the application to be completed. Compared to other European countries, the registration of a weather balloon launch in the United Kingdom is associated with rather little effort. In order to receive your promotion approval, the following tasks have to be fulfilled.

CAA Unmanned Balloons
OS Map
Document – United Kingdom

After granting permission from the CAA in the UK, other conditions may need to be met, such as agreement with a local airfield.

Contact information CAA:
Airspace Regulation
Safety & Airspace Regulation Group
Civil Aviation Authority
K6, CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE.
E-mail: arops@caa.co.uk
Fax: 020 7453 6593

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