» Great advertisement: Marketing at its best «

Since the beginning of mankind people are interested in space, the endlessness and the pitch black surroundings with all its secrets must be one of the most amazing things out there. And with our help you are able to use this strong power to your advantage. Our team will send your message to outer space. Your logo, your product or your message will be taken up in the sky to the stratosphere in 40.000 meters (131.233 feet).

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Make a difference through a creative marketing idea

Send your brand three times higher than any commercial airplane. Create a moment of joy and happiness with the panorama of the world in the background. Whether you want to use this opportunity as a teaser for your next big event, or as a scavenger hunt with an openly transmitted IP signal for your friends, basically everything is possible with our services.

Emotional Marketing

The media attention will be enormous after a flight to the stratosphere. And after you have seen the footage you will definitely know why: The images are astounding and breathtaking. The customers will love these kind of ads.

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