The Stratoflights team has launched numerous weather balloons for many different agencies and TV productions since 2011. We also support this with PR actions, advertising spots, image films or other interesting applications for flights into the stratosphere. Thanks to our versatility and our wealth of experience, it is possible for us to fulfill any special requests.

Our team combines professionalism, friendship and already longstanding experience in cooperation with partners and clients all over Europe. In conjunction with using high-quality equipment, we consider it as our task to supply a perfect result according to your requirements and specifications.

Marcel Dierig

Marcel: Marcel, with a B.Sc. in economic science and a classification as a banker, is responsible for the commercial management and control as well as the project management of Stratoflights. Moreover Marcel is in authority of the customer service of Stratoflights, advice and support for our customers in the weeks before and after the launch of their stratoflight. With his organizing ability and his experiences as a man of business Marcel has always been able to fulfill all wishes of our customers to their fullest satisfaction.

Tobias (Tui): as engineer, he is responsible for the technology. In addition, he is the filmmaker and makes sure that the magical moments the flight into the stratosphere are captured impressively. Stratoflights made it possible for him to combine both the engineering and the filmmaking professions!

Tobias Lohf
Marvin Rissiek

Marvin (Marv): our “Navigator” Marv has always brought us to our polystyrene probe. Whether in Germany, Holland or Belgium. Whether through gorges, rivers or remote woods that were almost like a jungle – Marv has always navigated us to our destination. Furthermore, as designer he is also responsible for both this homepage and the designs for customer messages.

Lars: As an electrical engineer, he is responsible for the development of our products. When clients tell us their vision, he is the one who makes them become reality.

Lars Meihost
Benjamin Kelm

Benjamin (Benny): Our aerospace engineer is an important member of our team. He develops our products and is an excellent operator of our drone to capture the most stunning footage.

Danijel: Our sales and marketing specialist always finds creative ways to stage a stratosphere flight as a special highlight. Whether as a PR event for the launch of a new product, a company celebration or an exclusive promotional video. Danijel convinces our customers with his extraordinary ideas.

Danijel Tatic
Alexandre: Alexandre is our Sales Manager in France. Based in Paris, Alexandre is our interface to our French customers and is always available to answer their questions about their mission.
Vincent: Vincent is one of our cameramen and captures the magical moments of the mission with his camera. Vincent also takes care of the post-production and is also one of our pilots for drone shots.
Samuel: Samuel is a cameraman and has been accompanying our missions to the edge of space for some time. However, Samuel is not only active as a cameraman at Stratoflights, but also accompanies our school project weeks and holiday camps as a lecturer.
Jonas: Jonas is one of our flight assistants and supports the handling of stratosphere flights. Through his practical knowledge, Jonas is also an active team member at Stratoflights as a lecturer during school project weeks and holiday camps.
Yannik: Yannik is the master of digital animation in our film projects. He and his software form a single unit. From the simple display of readings to complex 3D animations, he is responsible for the digital post-production.
Robin: Robin is our VFX specialist and enriches our produced videos with spectacular effects. In addition to his post-production activities, Robin is involved in customer projects right from the beginning, allowing his years of experience in animation to flow directly into customer projects and making recommendations for a perfect result.
Heidi: Heidi looks after our online shop in the warehouse. She packs the orders, takes care of the inventory and coordinates the daily pick-up with DHL, so Heidi is the interface for us to our customers all over the world.
Louise: Louise is our loyal collaborator for the translation of all texts into French. Whether it’s a website, instructions or posts in French – as a native speaker, Louise is responsible for all French content, so that we can also make Stratosphere Flights possible for French customers.
Thomas: Thomas is our collaborator for the translation of all texts into English. Thomas grew up bilingual and speaks perfect English, enabling us to provide our content internationally.

Stratoflights is a partner of Outside the Club GmbH. As a renowned film production, including the German Television Award, Grimme Award and Web Video Award, we also skilfully stage your mission at the edge of space.