SPEEED! YouTuber in an epic DIY duel

In a breathtaking showdown, two adventurous teams take on the wildest DIY challenges as they create outrageous creations in their mobile workshop to break records that shake the universe. Welcome to SPEEED, the spectacular youth format from KiKa and WDR, in which two teams set off into the stratosphere to catapult specially developed stratospheric probes and the mascot “Sammy” to unimagined heights. But who will break through the clouds? Who will bring their probe safely back to earth first?

The SPEEED team was Stratoflights’ guest and provided two action-packed days of filming, during which they mastered the parallel missions with our support.


  • TV format “SPEEED!” for KIKA and WDR

Our services

  • Technical and organisational support
  • Launch and recovery of camera probes and weather balloons


Galaxy – Reach for the Stars!

Experience the heavens on your hands with Galaxy – the groundbreaking limited edition goalkeeper glove infused with shimmering stars and the mysterious nebulae of our galaxy! Immerse yourself in a galactic world that grants you an unmatched advantage on the field.

The breathtaking campaign showcases Galaxy in all its glory, captured amidst the majestic stratosphere! An environment as epic as the glove itself. Dive into the infinity of the universe and witness Galaxy harmoniously merge with the glistening stars. Be one of the chosen ones who carry the heavens in their hands. With Galaxy, you become not just a goalkeeper, but a space hero on the field. Grab your limited edition now before it vanishes into the cosmos and reach for the stars while dominating every game!


  • Webvideo, Social Media Campaign

Our Services

  • Filmproduction
  • Construction, Launch and Recovery of the Camera Capsule


Kebab in space – Bülent Ceylan

“Babbel net” is what the Kurpfälzer says when someone is not supposed to say stupid stuff. Comedian Bülent Ceylan wants to protect his audience from this and therefore reveals in his show “Babbel net” everything you should know about the important things in life in order to be able to talk at every party. Whether nutrition, love, outer space, beauty, weather or money – Bülent’s comedy tutorial leaves no questions unanswered. For example, the comedian trains as a professional “cuddler”; tries to survive in a cold chamber at minus 110 degrees; completes a vegan survival training and shoots a Mannheim kebab into the stratosphere.


  • TV contribution

Our Services

  • Technical development
  • Launch and recovery of the balloon
  • Appearance as experts in the show “Babbel net”


Europe Launch of the new OnePlus 10 Pro

The release of the new OnePlus 10 Pro 5G is themed “Capture every Horizon”. The aim of the Europe-wide campaign is to reinforce the brand’s never-settle attitude with a spectacular project. Together with the community, we took up the challenge and sent the new smartphone on its journey to take the perfect photo of our horizon.

A custom-designed carbon satellite in the shape of a “Plus” provided space for four smartphones. A 360-degree camera and other action cams were able to record the flight from different perspectives.

In close cooperation with the agency McCann Denmark, we were able to develop a concept to put the smartphone in the best possible light. For this purpose, we took care of the entire film and post production, as well as the product photography and numerous social media teasers and cutdowns.


  • Europe Launch of the new OnePlus 10 Pro 5G
  • Content-Production for the full campaign
  • Agency: McCann.dk

Our services

  • Filmproduction
  • Technical Execution of the stratospheric flight
  • Custom-Made Construction of a PLUS-Satellite
  • 360° Camera
  • Productphotography


  • Brand-Film
  • Event/Recap-Documentary
  • Social-Media Teasers, 4s, 15s, 16:9, 9:16, 1:1
  • Photography: Key Visuals, Social Media Content
  • Social Media Briefing


FLS Group – Business card revealing in space

On 15th December 2021, FLS Group prepared for its new brand identity with an epic one-off delivery. As supply chain experts covering the globe with seamless logistics solutions, FLS launched its new CEO’s business card high above the earth – to the edge of outer space. Believed to be the first stunt of its kind, the card was launched from Bad Pyrmont airport in Germany by Stratoflights before travelling a total of 128.68 kilometers and reaching a maximum altitude of 124,356 feet. At the highest point of the journey, the card rotated to reveal the company’s new logo and tagline: “Tailor-Made Global Solutions.“


  • Media campaign for the release of the new brand identity.

Our services

  • Filmproduction
  • Technical Execution of the stratospheric flight
  • Customized construction of the revealing mechanism


Bored Cat made history

Bored Cat is a unique collection of 8842 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, making Bored Cat the first 3D-FPF-NFT collection that ever went into space. To bring Astrocat into your environment and make the mission accessible, the entire Astro Cat mission was filmed.


  • PR-Campaign

Out Services

  • Launch and Recovery of a stratospheric balloon
  • Filmproduction

More info about Bored Cat:

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Amazon Prime Video Premiere

For several months we have been eagerly awaiting this mission, planning the project together with the Amazon team from different continents in video conferences and then it was time to fly: The new film by Indian superstar Suriya Had “Soorarai Pottru” will go online on Amazon Prime Video on November 12, 2020.

As a special experience for his fans he collected online within a few hours more than 40,000 signatures for the official movie poster of his film Soorarai Pottru.Together with Suriya, the mission was carried out by our team in the early morning hours and recorded by our film crew.
With the sunrise, the poster launched from the take-off point of our airfield with the thousands of signatures into the stratosphere where the black of the universe and the blue glow of our planet can be seen. Just two days after its release on YouTube, the video already counts more than 600,000 views and nearly 2,000 comments, so the gift to its fans should have been well received.


Motorcycle stunt on the airfield

Combining a motorcycle stunt with a stratospheric flight, that was our mission for the GeoRide company. For the stunt we hired a motorbike with a professional driver to play the leading role in the short video clip. In a chase over the airfield, the weather balloon including GeoRide packaging is launched into the stratosphere with the help of a machete.

According to the director’s specifications, the images were captured by our camera team at the airfield at Stratoflights’ headquarters and edited by the French film team. The video presents GeoRide’s new GPS tracker, which can be used to monitor motorcycles and simultaneously record motorcycle tours. The video clip will be published on GeoRide’s social media platforms and on the Instagram profile “walanerider”.


Thermal images from the stratosphere

Taking thermal images from an altitude that exceeds the usual flight altitude of airplanes? This is a mission for Stratoflights. For the manufacturer Nitehog, we conducted a research flight into the stratosphere. On board the stratosphere probe: a new development IR camera. Our mission was to send the IR camera to an altitude of at least 30,000 meters. No problem at all for our helium-filled weather balloons. With the help of this research flight, the infrared camera was tested for its functionality under the most extreme conditions. As this is a new development and the laboratory tests had been completed, tests were now carried out under real conditions and it was tested whether the IR camera could withstand temperatures as low as -60°C. Nitehog has produced a short film of our research flight. We are proud to have been a part of the research project.


Cooler in cool environment

How does a computer cooler react under extreme conditions? We have solved this question for the manufacturer „BeQuiet“ of coolers for computers. In a joint action at the company’s headquarters in Schleswig-Holstein, we constructed a small probe and placed two of the coolers „Silent Wing 3“ in front of the cameras. Inside the stratospheric probe, the STRATO3 data logger monitored the internal and external influences.

Due to the proximity of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and the wind, the ascent had to be postponed several times, because the wind would have driven the probe out to the Baltic Sea according to our tool of flight route prediction. After the wind blew parallel to the coast, the mission could finally be started together with the staff.

With best weather conditions, the weather balloon ascended towards the stratosphere and landed as planned in the predicted landing region. The resulting video was shot directly by the client’s film department in documentary style to offer the client a different kind of product video. So the focus is less on the product than on the stratospheric flight and you get a great overall impression of the fan and the mission stratospheric flight.