The amazing YouTuber Ossy Marwah is now in space!

What an incredible week! Guess what? It was Will Smith first, and now it’s Stratoflights! With over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and over 6 million on Instagram, Ossy Marwah is one of the most popular YouTubers in the Arab world – and an absolute superstar! For a truly special event, Ossy Marwah and his crew flew all the way from Dubai to Germany to kick off his mission. From the initial inquiry to the final implementation, just four days passed—incredible! Then, it was off to the edge of the universe. We can’t wait to see how many millions of views the video will get. One thing is for sure: This collaboration is going to continue, maybe even in Dubai! 🚀


  • YouTube Special

Our Services

  • Construction of the capsule
  • Launching and retrieving the camera sonde
  • 360° perspective