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Launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere – we will show you how it works.

Take up the challenge. With this weather balloon tutorial you can learn step by step how you can send up your camera on an adventurous journey into the stratosphere. Take advantage from our experience from more than 100 flights to realize your own flight into the stratosphere.

To give you a better overview we want to present you our free weather balloon checklist. There you will find a complete list about all the needed equipment as well as a step-by-step list about how to prepare the launch. That way you can be sure that you think about every detail.

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Weather balloon checklist
Weather balloon registration
German aviation authorities
Helium Calculator
Predicting the flight path
Datalogger Evaluation


A trip into the stratosphere is exactly the right project for enthusiasts and adventurers! Who can really claim that they have already launched a camera attached to a weather balloon up to altitude of almost 40 kilometers?! It’s not just the sensational pictures but also the work on the project that will not be forgotten so quickly! An experience with a guarantee for adventure! That’s a promise!

In the case of a flight to the stratosphere, a number of things must be considered: how much helium is required? Is this kind of flight really allowed? Where do I have to go to apply for the flight into the stratosphere? Do I have the required equipment?

It’s the small things that can either condemn this project to failure or make it an unforgettable success. Thanks to our longstanding experience, we can provide a proven concept. We want to share this knowledge in our interactive weather balloon tutorial:

Weather balloon tutorial

The world’s first interactive weather balloon tutorial explains how to send a camera with a weather balloon into the stratosphere. At the end of each video, you can select the particular chapter.

Part #0 – Introduction
Part #1 – Construction
Part #2 – Build the Do-It-Yourself batterypack
Part #3 – Locate and rescue
Part #4 – Start of the weather balloon
Part #5 – Costs
Part #6 – Legal

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