The Step-by-Step Guide for a successful Weather Balloon Flight into the Stratosphere

To make your space mission a complete success, we explain everything about stratospheric flight step by step on the following pages. From the objective, the planning of your mission, the selection of the optimal equipment, the organisation of the permits, the launch of the weather balloon to the recovery and analysis of the measurement results of the Datalogger – this tutorial comprehensively prepares you for the adventure stratosphere. Whether you are planning your mission privately, together with friends, as part of a project or as a teacher with your students, you will find all the answers to your questions here.

In addition to numerous videos, we provide you with several tools, for example to calculate the optimal amount of helium, a tool to calculate the exact flight route in advance and information on how to register the mission with the authorities. In addition to detailed descriptions, you will also find the matching video for each tool.