Since a weather balloon is not launched into the stratosphere every day, most of you will have a lot of questions! We have already answered the most frequent questions on this page. Further answers as well as instructions can be found in our tutorial.

Is it allowed to launch such a balloon?

This depends on your country. For example, in Germany it is allowed to launch a weather balloon as a private person whereas other countries may have restrictions. You can contact your local air-traffic-control and they will inform you about about the regulations and requirements.

Do I need an insurance?

When you got the permission from the air traffic control you have to contract an insurance which covers the damage in case your probe hits something when coming back to earth. Please contact an insurance agent.

Why Stratoflights?

With more than 40 succesful space balloon flights for different advertising campaigns we are one of the most experienced provder for these services. Our equipment was developed and tested by engineers and is designed to be as affordable as possible. In addition to that we provide technical support if you have any questions or problems. Convince yourself and have a look at our references and galleries.

Which altitude can I reach?

The maximum altitude depends on different factors. The choice of the right balloon is essential. The small balloons (800g) reach an altitude of about 25km, whereas the big balloons (1700g) can reach up to 35.000-40.000m. And don’t forget: The less Helium you use and the lighter your construction is, the higher you can fly.

How much Helium do I need?

The rule of thumb says: 1 litre of Helium can lift 1 gram. But we recommend to use more Helium to create a better lift. Have a look at our Helium-Calculator.

Which size should the helium bottle have?

There are different sizes, e.g. 10, 20 or 50 litre bottles. To determine the bottle you need, use our Helium-Calculator.

Where can I buy a weather balloon?

Congratulations! You don’t have to worry about that anymore, just have a look at our Shop 😉 You will find anything you need for a succesful flight into the stratosphere.

How can I locate my camera after landing?

Just put a GPS Tracker on board and you can easily locate your camera. It is precise and reliable. As soon as your probe landed you can type the coordinates into google maps or into your navigation system and start the search.

I am a student and need money. Any suggestions?

Talk to your friends, family, teachers, companys. If each of them contributes a few Euro you can afford one of our kits and start your own space program. Be creative! Or start your own little campaign. You can ask for sponsoring and put the logo, name or a picture on your probe. Or you can contact the local newspapers and offer them your story. If you reach the public your chances rise to get sponsors who could support you.

I want to launch my own weather balloon project. Where shall I start?

Our Tutorial is structured and comprehensive so that you can easily learn the fundamentals you need for your own space program.

What if I can’t find my question in the FAQ?

To learn more, have a look at our Tutorial. If you still can’t find the answer on your question don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the contact form below.

Other helpful tips are available in our WEATHER BALLOON TUTORIAL.