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Reliable equipment for your own stratospheric flight


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Information, tutorials and tools: Everything important about stratospheric flights

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We love to fly towards space
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Natural Sciences

Ultimate STEM learning experience with adventure guarantee!

  • Natural sciences come alive
  • Interdisciplinary: All scientific disciplines in one project
  • Combination of theory and practice with learning experience
  • Target audience: Grade 7 - 13
  • Project scope can be individually adapted to science courses, AG, or the "classic" school project week
  • Each stratospheric flight with a new experimental focus
  • Promote "team spirit" and communication
  • Media figurehead for the school through reporting
Education Project Stratoflights Education Project Stratoflights

Weather Balloon Shop

Weather Balloon Kit
  • Top-Quality equipment for successful missions
  • Experience since 2012
  • Worldwide shipping with DHL & DHL Express
  • Reliable equipment & maximum quality
  • All-in-One: Instructions, tools, weather balloon, teaching material...
  • Engineered & made in Germany
  • Support for questions via e-mail & phone
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Equipment meets all aviation authority regulations

Info & Tutorial

Weather Balloon Tutorial Weather Balloon Tutorial
  • Step-by-step guide for a successful stratospheric mission
  • Detailed information from over 12 years of experience
  • From idea, planning, execution to successful recovery
  • Free videos and helpful tools
  • Weather balloon registration: Free tool for registering your weather balloon
  • Valuable tips & tricks for your weather balloon launch
  • Perfect synergy between tutorial, tools, and equipment
  • tutorial also accessible in the Stratoflights App

Blog articles

Introducing Stratoflights, the world's first film production on the edge of space: As a full-service film production company, we launch your product or advertising message into the stratosphere using a weather balloon and our camera probe for marketing stunts or live events. Capture spectacular video footage of your product at altitudes of up to 40,000 meters, where the blackness of space and the blue of the planet come into view. Advertise with breathtaking video footage, reaching millions of curious customers through media channels. Whether it's a marketing stunt or a live event with live video transmission from the camera probe, our team of engineers and filmmakers is deployed worldwide, creating visually stunning and high-impact videos in the stratosphere for your next social media campaign or TV commercial.

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