» Ideas for your team event:
Adventures at the edge of space! «

eventortnationwide in Germany, other countries on request
eventdauercomplete day

You are searching for an extraordinary team event? What about becoming NASA engineers for one day? With the help of our employees your team will construct the Styrofoam probe, install the camera equipment and the GPS-system and will subsequently start their own space mission. Broad knowledge about the used technology as well as the stratosphere in general will be conveyed.

Did you know that:

  • Stratosphere was discovered by a French and a German meteorologist?
  • Regularly a special plane starts from a small town in Bavaria to do research in the stratosphere?
  • Material samples from the stratosphere are currently examined for alien microorganisms in the realm of a British experiment?

Teamevent - Wetterballon Start

An unforgettable teambuilding event

Together, we will create the message that will go up into space with the helium-filled weather balloon – of course registered and insured by the air traffic control!

If demanded, we can install a live-broadcasting stream of the camera to follow the balloon crossing the atmosphere. The extraordinary pictures from space will certainly constitute a highlight of the event.

However, the adventure will not be over by that time. When it comes back to earth, the camera needs to be relocated via GPS-system. The feeling of success that will set in while watching the self-made recordings from the stratosphere is overwhelming. For people searching for extraordinary ideas for team events, Stratoflights is the place to be.

  • Teamevent - Marcel Dierig
  • AMD in der Stratosphäre
  • Teamevent Video von ROI
  • Alstertal Teamevent - Space Event
  • Suche des Wetterballons
  • Start des Wetterballons
  • Stratosphäre mit Wolken
  • Bedeckte Sicht auf die Erde

Participants2 to 50
LocationNationwide in Germany, other countries on request
DurationComplete day
RealizationYear-round outdoor
  • Introduction of technology
  • Construction of Styrofoam tube
  • Production of test recording on the ground
  • Filling up the balloon with helium gas
  • Take-off into the stratosphere
  • Geolocalisation and recovery of the balloon
  • Inspection of material

Additional options:

Filmbegleitung IconFilm production
Our professional film crew produces a final film, adapted to your individual needs and ideas.
Livebild IconLive broadcasting
With the help of a live broadcasting your guests or employees could see the city or the company premises from a brand new perspective.
Logo im Bild IconYour logo for advertising purposes
Present your message to the world and use the photos for your advertising purposes.