Montage expérimental STRATOlab

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Montage expérimental STRATOlab

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Experiment at an altitude of up to 40 kilometres and feel like a real NASA scientist: The STRATOlab Experiment mount allows you to carry out a variety of experiments during your mission in the stratosphere. Use the test tube holder and four plastic test tubes to explore the effects of flying through the ozone layer on different liquids and see how the liquids react to temperatures of -65 °C and minimal ambient pressure. The STRATOlab Experiment mount is extremely light and stable and can also transport several experiments to the edge of space at the same time. In addition, small objects can also be fastened to the object plate, or the object wall which could be observed too.
The STRATOlab Experiment mount is fixed below your Polystyrene probe in just a few steps. Each holder such as the test tube holder, object plate and object wall should be installed at the end of two balsa wood sticks. During your flight, your experiments can be recorded by your Space Cam “Apeman”. Furthermore, the Datalogger STRATO4 offers the chance to evaluate the whole flight in great detail afterwards. The evaluation can include your recordings and measured values such as altitude, air pressure, temperature, ozone values, etc.

Manual STRATOlab Experiment mount (PDF)

Étendue du service

  • Test tube holder (13.5 x 7.5 cm) (approx. 12 g)
  • Object plate (8 x 8 cm) (approx. 19.5 g)
  • Object wall (3 x 10 cm) (approx. 10 g)
  • 4x plastic test tubes with lid (11 cm, 8 ml) (approx. 3.5 g per tube)
  • 2x mounting clamps (2 x 9 cm) (approx. 6 g per clamp)
  • 2x balsa wood sticks (45 cm)
  • 8x screwsn
  • 4x cable ties
  • 2x balsa wood to “balance out” the pressure

Instructions/manual as PDF document.
The instructions or the manuals (PDF format) for the corresponding products will be transmitted electronically and immediately after completing the order.

Délai de livraison

Délai de livraison : 3 à 5 jours*.
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