Traceur GPS STRATOfinder

Traceur GPS STRATOfinder

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A reliable GPS-tracker is crucial for a successful stratospheric mission. The STRATOfinder was developed by Stratoflights and is perfectly designed for the use in harsh conditions like the stratosphere. The STRATOfinder transmits its position with an accuracy of 5 metres. With a GPS antenna three times the size of conventional 4G GPS trackers, the STRATOfinder is a reliable tool for your project. With the help of the free Stratoflights app, you can integrate one or more STRATOfinders into the app and have the current position data displayed. With a simple click, the Stratoflights app navigates you to the landing location of your probe. All you need is a standard SIM card, insert it into the STRATOfinder, pair the STRATOfinder with the app and off you go! Unlike many other manufacturers, no subscription etc. is required! Should the STRATOfinder ever “freeze” in the stratosphere: Unlike other GPS trackers, the device works without buttons, so the STRATOfinder automatically switches on again after “defrosting” and sends its position data. The design is light and robust and the technical components and software have enabled us to develop our dream of a perfect GPS tracker for stratospheric flights. Thus, with this GPS tracker we offer a reliable tool for your mission into the stratosphere.

Manual GPS Tracker (PDF)

Tip: It is possible to use two GPS trackers, each with SIM cards from different networks. This way you can double-secure your mission to have the maximum network coverage in your region.

Fiche technique

Traqueur GPS 4G
Weight: 130g
Format de la carte SIM: Nano-SIM
Dimensions: 77 x 25 x 48mm
Battery power: 3.8V 3,400mAh Li-ion
Standby time: Depending on usage level: 24-72 hours
GPS accuracy: 5 metres

Contenu de la livraison

GPS tracker STRATOfinder
Micro-USB cable
E-book: Instruction manual with valuable tips and tricks for your stratospheric mission

Remarque: une carte nano SIM est nécessaire pour utiliser le STRATOfinder (non fournie).

Délai de livraison

Délai de livraison : 5 à 7 jours*.
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* s'applique aux livraisons au sein de l'UE, les délais de livraison pour les autres pays sont indiqués à la page Frais de port.

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