Data log your high altitude balloon mission!

Data log flight altitude,
temperature, GPS, humidity and much more

You want to log reliably over a long period of time temperature, air pressure, humidity and also the speed, GPS position and the flight altitude of your high altitude balloon? You are looking for a GPS logger or GPS data logger and want to measure the altitude? Perfect! Use the Datalogger STRATO4, developed and produced in Germany for your HAB mission!

All from one source:
Datalogger STRATO4 and datalogger evaluation

After you have data logged the temperature, or data logged the flight altitude, or data logged the temperature, your logged data can easily be evaluated: use the free data logger evaluation tool and upload your logged data there using drag & drop. A summary gives you a first overview of the extreme values. All parameters can be displayed in graphs and correlated with each other with just a few clicks. Easy as pie and in a matter of seconds. Of course, the conventional analysis via Excel is also possible.

In order to put the STRATO4 Datalogger through its paces, we dared to conduct a truly extreme experiment and sent the STRATO4 data logger into the extreme environment of the stratosphere at an altitude of over 100,000 feet, just like weather services on a helium-filled high altitude balloon. A choice of data and graphs show, the data logger is also perfectly suitable as a GPS logger, GPS data logger, high altitude data logger, temperature data logger and many more and works perfectly under extreme conditions:

How does the data logged air pressure changes over time? This question can be answered quite easily with the STRATO4 Datalogger. Here, too, you can see from the example of stratospheric flight that there is hardly any air pressure left at high altitudes.

The data logger not only records the flight altitude and humidity etc. as an altitude logger, it also logs the inside and outside temperature. Thus it can be seen, what the vast majority of people do not know, that when flying through the ozone layer at an altitude of about 49,000 feet, the temperature first rises again due to the impact of UV radiation on the ozone layer and the minimum temperature point of about -67 °F is around an altitude of around 49,000 feet before the weather balloon reaches its high point and the data logger sails back to earth on the parachute.

The summary of the datalogger's measurement data gives you a direct overview of the extreme values, for example, you can directly see the maximum flight altitude, the minimum indoor and outdoor temperature or the maximum speed and much more. In the example shown here, the GPS data logger or data logger has been on a helium-filled weather balloon for atmospheric altitude research, so that a flight altitude up to 164,000 feet is possible.

The flight profile shows that the weather balloon approached its maximum flight altitude with an almost linear ascent speed before the high altitude balloon burst at a height of almost 125,000 feet due to the minimum air pressure. The STRATO4 data logger came sailing back to Earth in a small styrofoam probe on a parachute that opened immediately after the weather balloon burst. This shows well that the braking effect of the parachute unfolds its braking effect with progressive approach and finally increasing ambient pressure or air density.

You want to test the tool of the data logger evaluation yourself and convince yourself how to evaluate an exemplary file from the data logger with the tool, for example to analyze the maximum flight altitude, or at what time or at what altitude what temperature or air pressure prevailed and how the humidity changed? Here's the tool of the data logger evaluation incl. sample measurement file of the data logger STRATO4.

A few use cases
of the data logger at a glance:

  • Datalogger STRATO4: as a high altitude data logger and as temperature data logger and other parameters for ascents of high altitude balloons or stratospheric balloons.
  • Datenlogger STRATO4: Used in the field of atmospheric altitude research by weather services, universities, military and in numerous countries.
  • Datenlogger STRATO4: Deployment in valleys using tethered balloons to measure changes in temperature, air pressure and humidity for later bridges.
  • Datenlogger STRATO4: GPS data logger for recording and visualization of flight routes of model pilots and hobby pilots, as well as for HAB flights.
  • Datenlogger STRATO4: Data logging in different STEM projects at schools to enable exciting experiments with simple data logging and measurement data evaluation and to inspire young people for science.

Worldwide shipping with DHL and DHL Express: For many years, we have been supplying private individuals, schools, civil and military research institutions, construction and civil engineering companies worldwide with data loggers for recording measurement data for a wide variety of projects.

FAQ: You have the questions,
we have the answers.

What does the data logger STRATO4 cost?

You can find the current price of the data logger STRATO4 in our store. In addition to the STRATO4 data logger, you can also upgrade it with a protective case, the so-called STRATO4case, in case every gram is not important for your mission.

What is the delivery time of STRATO4 data logger?

We hand over all orders to DHL or DHL Express from our warehouse in Germany on the next business day. The exact delivery time depends on whether the delivery is to be made within or outside the EU. Basically we deliver worldwide! One thing is clear: With our logistics partners DHL and DHL Express we enable a maximum of delivery speed. Faster is not possible.

How long can the STRATO4 data logger record data?

As long as the STRATO4 is connected via USB to a permanently existing power source, while using the micro SD card's maximum capacity of 128 GB, then we are talking about a recording time of several weeks. At the time of creating this page, our own long-term test was started 16 months, 19 days, 8 hours and 54 minutes ago and continues to run without any problems.

Is it possible to operate the STRATO4 data logger permanently with power or use a battery pack?

No problem! The STRATO4 data logger can be charged via USB, i.e. it can be operated with a standard USB charger or a large power bank. Classically, the data logger is charged via a 9V battery.

How can I evaluate the logged data from the GPS logger, data logger or datalogger?

All measurement data is stored in a .csv file on the micro SD card of your data logger STRATO4. The extreme values logged since the STRATO4 data logger was switched on are shown directly on the display next to the live measurement data. To create graphics for a detailed analysis, you can use the free tool of the data logger evaluation and easily upload the file with a few clicks and put all parameters in graphs in relation to each other. Alternatively, you can also use Excel to work on your .csv file and create an analysis and graphics.

What is the recording rate of the measurement data from the data logger STRATO4?

The data logger STRATO4 has a recording rate of 0.5 Hz, which means that the data logger saves all parameters on the micro SD card twice per second.

Is it possible to change the recording rate of the STRATO4 data logger?

No. The recording rate of 0.5 Hz cannot be changed!

Is the data logger CE approved?

Yes, our electronics are CE approved. The letters CE stand for "Conformité Européenne", which means "European Conformity". The CE marking symbolizes the conformity of the product with the applicable requirements imposed on the manufacturer by the European Community.

Where is the data logger developed and produced?

The data logger was developed by Stratoflights engineers many years ago based on their own needs, as they were looking for a solution to reliably log measurement data for atmospheric altitude research incl. Data log GPS position and flight altitude even at high altitudes of more than 100,000 feet. Our data loggers have been and continue to be further developed and are in use worldwide. The current data logger STRATO4 is the latest model and is produced in Germany according to strict quality standards.

Is there a protective case for the STRATO4 data logger?

Sure! This can be purchased as an option, since most customers require minimal flying weight to conduct atmospheric altitude research. To protect the data logger STRATO4 sufficiently, we recommend the STRATO4case, in which the data logger STRATO4 is fixed with a few simple steps and fastened with screws.

Up to which flight altitude can the data logger record?

The high altitude data logger STRATO4 can data log the height up to altitudes of 164,000 feet! An absolute unique selling point and argument for the data logger STRATO4.

Can I configure the STRATO4 data logger myself, e.g. to connect my own sensors?

No. It is not possible to program the data logger yourself and this is not planned at present, so it is not possible to connect additional sensors.

Is there a UART interface? What is possible with this?

Yes. A UART interface is available on the datalogger.

What can the data logger be used for? What are the fields of application?

There are numerous areas of application. We ourselves are often surprised, even after years, in which industries the data logger STRATO4 is used. Here is a small list: as a high altitude data logger, as a temperature data logger, as a humidity data logger, civil engineering, logistics and transportation, air sports, model flying, educational projects at schools, stratospheric flights with helium-filled weather balloons at schools, experimental teaching, and much more.

What is included in the scope of delivery of the GPS logger, datalogger or data logger STRATO4?

The standard delivery includes the data logger STRATO4 incl. data cable with sensor board as well as the manual as a PDF document, which is automatically sent by mail. Furthermore, a high-quality 32 GB SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE micro SD card is included in the delivery. Optionally available is the 9V battery as power source even under extreme temperature conditions as well as the also bookable protective cover STRATO4case.

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