STEM on the
edge of space

Cool science experiments
combined with unique STEM activities

Are you looking for ideas for science experiments for school projects or STEM activities? Your STEM experiments should be cool and unique? The STEM ideas or STEM projects you are looking for should be suitable for a project week at middle school or high school or for science experiments at home?

STEM on the edge of space is a cool science project for your school and can be individually scaled to your students in terms of content, scope and level of complexity and can be combined with cool science experiments.

Explore the edge of space
from your own schoolyard

In a cool STEM school project week, your students launch their own small self-developed research probe on a helium-filled weather balloon with cameras, science experiments and measuring instruments from their own schoolyard to the edge of space and receive their own videos from an altitude of 130,00 feet through the installed video cameras, where the black of space and the blue of the planet become visible.

The black of the universe and blue
of our planet become visible!

Fascinating scenery:
Own video footage from an altitude of 130,000 feet.

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