Kebab in space – Bülent Ceylan

“Babbel net” is what the Kurpfälzer says when someone is not supposed to say stupid stuff. Comedian Bülent Ceylan wants to protect his audience from this and therefore reveals in his show “Babbel net” everything you should know about the important things in life in order to be able to talk at every party. Whether nutrition, love, outer space, beauty, weather or money – Bülent’s comedy tutorial leaves no questions unanswered. For example, the comedian trains as a professional “cuddler”; tries to survive in a cold chamber at minus 110 degrees; completes a vegan survival training and shoots a Mannheim kebab into the stratosphere.


  • TV contribution

Our Services

  • Technical development
  • Launch and recovery of the balloon
  • Appearance as experts in the show “Babbel net”

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