HOLY Energy Eel in Space

We have sent HOLY into space!!! 🤯
The young up-and-coming company now wants to take on the really big energy drink companies on its third anniversary and make it to the top. To achieve this, the new Energy Eel is to be launched into space. Different perspectives not only made it possible to film the filled shaker in front of the black of space, which was then tested for space flavor, but the new energy-flavored tub was also on board. If you want to know how the new space HOLY tasted and what a 360° perspective at an altitude of almost 40 kilometers looks like, the following videos will show you the answer!


  • Web video
  • Campaign for social media

Our services

  • Construction
  • Launch and recovery of the camera probe
  • 360° perspective
  • Racing drone
Some epic behind-the-scenes footage from the racing drone and 360° camera:

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