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To make sure you get your ascent permit by CASA (Australian Airtraffic Control, Civilian Airtraffic), especially if you want to launch a weather balloon or unmanned free balloon for the first time in Australia, we will help you step by step through the application process. Here we answer the most important questions:

How does the registration process work?

To be allowed to launch your weather balloon or as CASA says unmanned free balloon in Australia, you must register your weather balloon with CASA. To do this you need to provide a few details about your mission and email them back to CASA. Your application to launch a weather balloon will be reviewed by CASA and you will be issued the ascent permit.

What information does CASA need?

In summary, to verify the ascent of your weather balloon or unmanned free balloon in Australia, CASA requires three things from you by email:

  • “Notification of a Balloon Release”
  • “Risk Assessment”
  • “Proof of insurance”

You will email these three documents to CASA, who will review your documents and issue your ascent permit to launch your weather balloon to the edge of space.

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What are the costs for a CASA ascent permit for my weather balloon or unmanned free balloon?

The review of your documents by CASA takes about 2-3h and costs about 160 AUD / hour. Further information.

How long does it take for CASA to process my weather balloon or unmanned free balloon? What documents do I need to submit to CASA to get an ascent permit?

The review of your documents can take up to 28 days, so start early with the preparation! Further information.

Can anyone obtain an ascent permit for a weather balloon or unmanned free balloon in Australia?

Yes! No matter if private person as a father-son project, in the context of a school project at schools or as a company. As long as the ascent permit is in place, everyone is allowed to launch their weather balloon in Australia. Further information.

Where exactly do I need to register my weather balloon with CASA? Where can I find the contact details for CASA?

After you have completed the documents and obtained proof of insurance for your unmanned free balloon launch in Australia, mail all documents to: Contact details of the competent authority:
CASA Australian Airtraffic Control, Civilian Airtraffic
Further information

What equipment am I allowed to use in Australia? Do I need special weather balloons?

Here you will find the highest quality equipment for a successful mission into the stratosphere over Australia. Our equipment has already been successfully used by numerous customers for flights in Australia. So you are on the safe side that your mission will be a complete success. Whether Weather Balloon, reliable GPS Tracker, Weather Balloon Kit or a detailed manual “How to launch a weather balloon”: You still need equipment? Click here to go to the Online-Shop.

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The footage was amazing and our project resulted in a simple YouTube video. This video went viral over night and we were featured in the news and got invited to famous TV-Shows. People saw our video and asked us how we did it.

As we finished university we thought: Why don’t we help other people to get access to the stratosphere and make a startup with this idea? Stratoflights was born. Since then we grew our company and specialized in stratospheric flights all over the world. We want to make the stratosphere accessible for everyone and use the fascination of space for brands. We deliver that feeling with our filmproduction and expanded our services to Live-Events to get the atmosphere of a space mission for a larger community, may it be online or in real life.

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In addition to our marketing projects our aim is to inspire young students for science. That’s why we offer Weather Balloon Kits and teaching material all over the world that everyone who is interested in doing some research on the edge of space, can do it easily on his own.

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