Weather Balloon

Six steps to launch
a weather balloon

How to launch a camera and a weather balloon into space? Does it really work to send your own camera into space and get epic video footage of the black of space and the blue of the planet? Can anyone really launch their own little space mission?

YES! That works! Stratoflights shows you from now more than 1,000 flights to the edge of space since 2010, how you can launch your own weather balloon with the simplest means and get breathtaking video footage from the direction of space!

We have summarized our entire experience in a tutorial: The tutorial describes exactly how to launch your own weather balloon and send your camera into space. The tutorial prepares you for your own mission to the edge of space, from the initial idea, through planning and organization, and execution, to successful tracking and recovery.

The Stratoflights tutorial is divided in such a way that first of all the organization is in the foreground and gives you an overview of how you can best implement your mission.

The right and reliable equipment for the launch of your weather balloon and great video recordings are essential for your space mission. Therefore, in the second part of the tutorial, we recommend reliable equipment so that your mission will be a complete success.

Above all, the construction of your own small probe in which the camera you want to send into space with a weather balloon and the technology for power supply and GPS tracker must be reliably and safely installed in a probe. We show you what you have to pay attention to!

Before you can launch your weather balloon, you need to prepare a few things. The tutorial shows you how to calculate the right amount of helium and your flight route days before the launch. This way you know days before the launch where your probe with your camera will land.

How to launch a weather balloon? This is what the next chapter is about. In addition to the most important information, there are suitable videos to support you during the launch.

After your weather balloon is launched, you have already achieved a lot. But now it's time to locate and recover the capsule with the cameras via GPS. Hints, tips and tricks are given in the last part of the tutorial.

To make a long story short: You want to know how to launch a weather balloon? You want to know how to launch a camera on a weather balloon? You want to make cool video recordings with a camera on a weather balloon? Watch our tutorial, use our tools and the reliable equipment from Stratoflights. Then you'll be perfectly prepared for your mission to the edge of space!

Use our manual:
How to launch a weather balloon?

Ready-to-fly: The Weather Balloon Guide perfectly prepares you for your own mission in the stratosphere on the basic question: how to launch a weather balloon? On almost 100 pages, the step-by-step eBook in PDF format guides you through the entire project: from the first idea, the registrations with the authorities and where to apply for insurance, the various challenges and their possible solutions, the internal organisation to the construction of the stratospheric probe, valuable tips and tricks on the implementation of the stratospheric flight on the day of flight to the recovery. All steps are explained in detail and backed up with pictures and videos, so that your own flight into the stratosphere will be a complete success. Dozens of expert tips from our years of experience on hundreds of flights accompany each chapter. The manual is based on all reliable Stratoflights products and comes free of charge with the complete weather balloon set. Combined with the free Stratoflights tutorial, tools, app and complete Weather Balloon Kit, a successful stratospheric mission is guaranteed.

  • Step-by-step guide: from initial idea to successful recovery
  • Comprehensive eBook in PDF format with almost 100 pages
  • Valuable information is accompanied with pictures and videos
  • Dozens of expert tips from years of experience

Ready to launch:
Weather Balloon Kit for your research mission

From hundreds of our own stratospheric flights and years of experience, we have put together the best possible and most reliable equipment in an all-round carefree package for your school project in a complete weather balloon set. The complete set includes weather balloon, parachute, GPS tracker for tracking, camera, data logger for recording measurement data, styrofoam probe, battery pack and much more, as well as a detailed weather balloon manual for a perfect research mission in the stratosphere.

What does a project like this cost?

Depending on the configuration of the complete weather balloon set, a price of 399-750 EUR can be expected. Except for the weather balloon and the helium/balloon gas, all the equipment can be used for further missions, so a stratosphere flight in the coming school year costs less than half. Everything you need for a successful class trip to the edge of space can be found in our shop.

Weather Balloon Kit

  • Weather balloon 800g
  • Parachute 800
  • GPS Tracker STRATOfinder
  • Polystyrene probe
  • Tesa duct tape
  • Special cord
  • Batterypack
  • Cotton gloves
  • How to launch a Weather Balloon
399,00 €
Helium/ Balloon gas (10 l, 200 bar) 110,00 €
Aviation third party liability insurance 90,00 €
Ascent permit from the State Aviation Authority 80,00 €
Own camera and SD card 0,00 €
Travel costs for salvage 50,00 €
Total 729,00 € (incl. VAT)
How do I fund the STEM school project at the edge of space?

Here you will receive advice on how to best assemble your stratosphere equipment as well as valuable tips on how to finance your school project via funding and thus the opportunity to secure a free complete weather balloon set as a school.

How to launch:
With weather balloon, parachute and research probe into the stratosphere

The free tutorial accompanies you step-by-step on your mission to the edge of space and, in addition to detailed information and videos, offers free tools for calculating the flight route, determining the required amount of helium and registering your weather balloon ascent with the authorities. In combination with the Stratospheric Flight lesson series and the Weather Balloon Manual from the Weather Balloon Complete Kit, you are perfectly prepared for your research mission.

Use the free Stratoflights app
and have all info in your pocket.

Stratoflights app

The Stratoflights app guides you step by step through your stratospheric mission. Download the Stratoflights-App for free now, to be able to use all tools such as flight route prediction, helium calculator, weather forecast with cloud cover and checklist from your mobile phone at the start location. Thus, you can now also respond to spontaneous changes in the last second right at the start, so that your mission is a complete success.

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