» How much helium does my weather balloon need? «

The Helium Calculator determines exactly how much helium/balloon gas you need to fill into your weather balloon for your mission to the edge of space. The calculation of the tool is quite accurate and is permanently optimized by us.
Furthermore, by changing the ascent rate you can influence the altitude and thus not only the flight time, but in combination with the flight route calculation also the flight distance or the landing area. You can find a few examples of how you can influence the altitude/flight distance/flight time in the video tutorial below the helium calculator.


Burst Altitude:NaN
Ascent Rate:NaN
Time to Burst:NaN
Neck Lift:NaN
Volume:NaN If you use one NaNL gas bottle with 200 bar filling pressure:
The results calculated with the helium calculator are only approximate values and may deviate from reality due to the influence of other parameters and therefore do not provide a 100% guarantee of accuracy.

Video tutorial on the helium calculator

Here we explain step by step how you can use the helium calculator.

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