Fantastic shots for Stobi Flips

For the Macedonian brand Stobi Flips, we sent the world famous peanut flips to the edge of space for their 40th anniversary. We were accompanied on this mission by the producers of a Macedonian advertising agency throughout the mission. Together we have designed the camera probe to place the Stobi Flips perfectly in front of the camera. Our professional camera team captured the entire flight for the TV show in Macedonia. In winter -10 ° C we started the weather balloon at 10 am and followed the ascent of the weather balloon with our multicopter. In bright weather, the probe and Stobi Flips set off for space.

Stobi Flips Banner
Drone Stobi Flips

After just under three hours flight time and a short flight distance of only 60 kilometers, the Stobi Flips landed after the bursting of the weather balloon. With the help of our pre-flight route calculation, we were able to determine the landing site very precisely before the launch and drove directly into the landing area after the launch of the weather balloon. In the landing, our GPS tracker reported its current position. The capsule landed only 650 meters away from our location on the edge of a small forest area. The live view landing of our own probe would have been a first for us in several hundred flights, unfortunately, the view was separated by a group of trees. So we were on the spot within a few minutes and were able to recover the polystyrene probe. The recordings in the clear cold winter air were fantastic and have already been broadcasted on Macedonian TV. In the next few weeks, more video footage from our camera team will be published on the Stobi Flips Facebook page. It was an exciting mission once again for us, and we can proudly say that we are probably the first people on this planet to have eaten peanut flips from the stratosphere.

Polystyrene probe - weather balloon
Camera Gimbal

Found Box Stobi Flips

Preview Video Stobi Flips

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