» Classroom on the edge of space «

This idea will be a highlight for your students: They will discover the pitch black of the universe and the earth will appear as a globe. You will reach the stratosphere, 35.000m above the ground and three times higher than any commercial airplane. You don’t need the NASA to do this – it is your students.

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» Feel the science «

Is your goal to inspire your students for science especially related to the STEM subjects? Then offer your student a remarkable lesson on the STEM subjects, which they will remember for a lifetime.

Discover unique and fascinating tasks in the field of the STEM subjects, while you and your students prepare for your space mission. A polystyrene probe attached to a weather balloon will be the vehicle of choice, for your stratosphere flight. On its ascend the probe will measure and record various values, or even film the whole flight. Your students will be excited and realize the importance of science in practice.

Show your students a completely different perspective on the STEM subjects.

» Understand, Feel, Realize «

Whether as a project week, a complete lesson series, or an event with more than one class, as part of the next school festival or just as an exciting project, a stratosphere flight is pure science and your students will love it.


For the successful completion of your own space mission mathematics is one of the most important parts. Calculating the exact amount of helium, the uplift of the balloon or the burst high in the stratosphere could be problems your students could solve.


How is a weather balloon, filled with helium, able to create an uplift? Why is the air pressure decreasing while the balloon is rising towards the edge of space? How does gravity work? Where is the exact beginning of space?


Why is helium lighter than air and why do I sound like Mickey Mouse, after inhaling it? Is hydrogen a good alternative to fill the balloon? These and many other questions can be exciting subjects in a series of lessons and observed in the following experiment.

Computer science

Program the data logger and add different measurement devices to the probe. The probe will be able to record various parameters like temperature, pressure, altitude and its GPS position. Later on, it will be possible to evaluate the data, eg. as a diagram of the flight curve.

» What would be the cost of such a project? «

Depending on the equipment of the probe, the gross price would be round about 450 EUR. Except for the weather balloon and the helium, the parts are reusable for the next flight. So the following flight in the next school year would cost just a little more than half. Almost everything you may need for your successful class trip to the edge of the universe can be found in our shop.

Equipment for the weather balloon flight

General questions or questions about the equipment for your space mission? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! For a first impression of the budget which you need, the following table presents an overview of the particular prices.

Weather Balloon Kit

  • Weather Balloon 800g
  • Parachute 800
  • GPS Tracker STRATOfinder
  • Polystyrene probe
  • Tesa duct tape
  • Special cord
  • Batterypack
  • Gloves
349,00 €
Helium (10 Liter, 200 bar) 110,00 €
Insurance 90,00 €
Permission of aviation authority 70,00 €
Own camera and SD-Card 0,00 €
Total 619,00 € (inkl. USt)

Please note that the cost summary shown above is an example to give you a first idea for the total cost. Insurance, approval, helium or balloon gas cannot be purchased directly from Stratoflights.

» How should I finance this project as a school? «

Many schools are looking for sponsors such as local companies, saving banks and associations and finance their project with donations in cash or in kind, such as helium. In return for the donation, you can place the company logo for your sponsor on the probe, or even in the slant of the camera. Due to the visually impressive pictures of the built-in camera, the local press will be pleased to report on your space mission, this will provide your sponsors with massive attention. Furthermore, projects can be financed by selling waffles during school breaks or the state funding opportunities for STEM projects.