» Classroom on the edge of space «

This idea will be a highlight for your students: They will discover the pitch black of the universe and the earth will appear as a globe. You will reach the stratosphere, 35.000m above the ground and three times higher than any commercial airplane. And you don’t need the NASA to do this – it is your students.

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» Feel the science «

You have the plan to inspire your students in science? Then you should give them a lecture which they will remember for a long time.

Let the students explore how fascinating science is. This hands-on project is ideal for students of different ages. You can launch a weather balloon into the stratosphere and collect various data. Students will be inspired and realize how important science is in practice. And afterwards they will see the world in a complete new perspective.

» Improve the students STEM skills «

It is no longer just theory. Combine all the different subjects within this project. The students will gain a wide range of skills:


Mathematics is important, for every step of the project. You have to determine the amount of helium and the realistic height where the balloon finally explodes.


Why does the helium balloon rise? Why is the air pressure constantly decreasing while rising? What is gravity? Where does the space really start?


Why is helium lighter than air and why will someone sound like Mickey Mouse after taking a deep breath?

Computer science

With a data logger, you will be able to record many different parameters, like temperature, pressure, altitude or the position. Later it is possible to evaluate the data, maybe as a diagram.

» Simple step by step lesson «

In our YouTube cannel we provide you with important information so that your experiment will be a complete success. In addition we provide you with a complete instruction for our products.

» Some Schools already did the first step «

If you want an exciting new school project, a stratospheric flight is a great idea. In our gallery you can find flights from other schools and persons which already used our service.