STRATOsim to upgrade the STRATOfinder

STRATOsim to upgrade the STRATOfinder

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Reliable tracking with the STRATOfinder GPS tracker.

Our STRATOfinder requires a SIM card to transmit its location. Depending on the network, mobile provider and country, the STRATOfinder had to be configured individually for each customer, an APN had to be set and every few weeks the mobile providers changed their settings, which meant that failures could occur here. This increasingly led to uncertainties and the resulting service effort was enormous.

In order to now be able to offer a uniform solution that is simple and easy to understand, we offer a preconfigured SIM card that is specially adapted to STRATOfinder. This can be retrofitted at any time and thus offers the ideal opportunity to use STRATOfinder even more reliably, without the hassle of service, without uncertainties, without ifs and buts. This means that it is no longer necessary to organize a prepaid card with third-party providers, only to find that further problems arise.

With conventional SIM cards, you are tied to the network of the respective network provider. The STRATOsim, on the other hand, connects fully automatically to the best available mobile network, regardless of the provider, in border areas even to that of the neighboring country, and can then transmit its position. And not only that: STRATOsim offers worldwide coverage in over 189 countries. This provides the greatest possible network coverage and more security for the success of your own stratospheric mission. Even if the weather balloon should cross a national border.

To activate the STRATOsim, we offer a fair subscription, which can be booked with different durations. Hereby every STRATOfinder can be upgraded.

Activation is very simple: Order STRATOsim, activate it online, insert it into the Finder and initialize it, done. We send out the quick start guide with step-by-step instructions immediately after the order is placed.

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Can I upgrade my STRATOfinder with the STRATOsim?

With STRATOsim, we offer maximum safety in the landing region by automatically selecting the best mobile network for transmitting the landing position. Retrofitting is no problem. The setup is done in a few minutes. You can order the STRATOsim in our store and after receiving the SIM card you choose one of our subscriptions. Then you insert the STRATOsim into your GPS tracker and initialize it once. That’s it. The quick start guide will be sent by email after the order.

Why does Stratoflights now offer its own SIM card?

As a small company involved in education, we wanted to offer maximum flexibility and avoid costs as much as possible. Everyone should use their own existing SIM card for STRATOfinder. There should be no need for a subscription like with all other vendors. In the course of time we noticed that all mobile network operators change the apn more or regularly. We were not aware of this extent before. Since every customer is important to us and we want to offer everyone a successful project with our high quality equipment, it was no longer possible to offer a GPS device that works directly with all worldwide SIM cards due to the numerous worldwide changes. Therefore, we now have our own SIM card, which connects directly to the best mobile network at the landing location and interacts simply and easily with the STRATOfinder. 

Why does STRATOsim have a subscription?

The STRATOsim are not free for us either, as we also receive a monthly invoice from the manufacturer for each individual SIM card as well as the volume. All in all, we want to keep the prices as low and fair as possible and hope that we have succeeded in doing so. Our promise as well as our claim is still to enable everyone who wants to, with a maximum of security and reliability, to have their own mission to the edge of space, to inspire young people with a science project for natural science and the beauty of our planet.

Do I have to use the STRATOsim, or do other SIM cards also work?

Yes. SIM cards from other mobile providers will continue to work, but due to the extensive and often individual service effort involved, we cannot offer any further support for third-party providers. If you have a working device with the corresponding SIM card, you can continue to use it. If you have difficulties using STRATOfinder, we recommend using our own solution from now on.

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SIM card for use in STRATOfinder GPS tracker

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Delivery time: 3-5 days*
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