How to register and insure your weather balloon in Poland!

To register your weather balloon mission in Belgium, two things are important: you need an ascent permit and weather balloon insurance. How to get the ascent permit for your weather balloon in Poland and where to apply for an insurance for your weather balloon in Poland you can find out here:

How to register your weather balloon in Poland!

Compared to other EU countries, applying for an ascent permit in Poland is quite uncomplicated and quick! However, you should plan enough lead time for this, because the completed application must be received 14 working days before the launch date via PDF scan (no photos) at the Polish Air Traffic Control Authority – Department for Strategic Planning ASM in Warsaw. We have linked the application form here.

If you have any further questions, please contact the authority directly. We will also be happy to help you with detailed questions about the equipment:

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency
Strategic Planning Department ASM1
ul. Wieżowa 8
02-147 Warschau

E-Mail: ,
Fax: (+ 48) 22 574 57 69, 574 57 13

Tel.: (+ 48) 22 574-67-11
Tel.: (+ 48) 22 574-57-24
Tel.: (+ 48) 22 574-57-25

How to insure your weather balloon in Poland!

In order to apply for your weather balloon ascent permit in Poland, you will need aviation liability insurance so that personal injury and property damage are covered. You can obtain weather balloon insurance for Poland using the following tool: Weather Balloon Insurance from AXA.

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