» How to register and insure your weather balloon in Spain! «

To register your weather balloon mission in Spain, two things are important: you need the ascent permit from the spanish Aviation Authority (ENAIRE), and you need insurance for launching the weather balloon in Spain. We’ll explain how to obtain the ascent permit for the weather balloon in Spain and where to apply for insurance for your weather balloon in Spain:

How to register your weather balloon in Spain!

In order to start our own space mission in Spain, you will find additional information to apply for the permission to release your weather balloon below. This document will help you to complete the application and can be downloaded here. The permit must be forwarded to the appropriate authority. Further information on the Spanish authority for the registration of the weather balloon can be found here: ENAIRE

Completion aid

The following map shows the CTR zones within Spain. If you want to launch your weather balloon in these zones, you need a launch permit and a flight plan. You can find more information about the flight zones at https://planea.enaire.es. Here you must first create a free account and then have access to the map with the CTR zones.

Source: https://planea.enaire.es

How to insure your weather balloon in Spain!

In order to apply for your weather balloon launch permit in Spain, you will need aviation liability insurance so that personal injury and property damage are covered. You can obtain weather balloon insurance for Spain using the following tool: Weather Balloon Insurance from AXA.

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