Here’s How You Can Register and Insure Your Weather Balloon in Austria!

To register your weather balloon mission in Austria, two things are important: you need the ascent permit from Austro Control, and you need insurance for launching the weather balloon in Austria. We’ll explain how to obtain the ascent permit for the weather balloon in Austria and where to apply for insurance for your weather balloon in Austria:

How to register your weather balloon in Austria!

In Austria, it is possible to register your weather balloons or unmanned flying objects at Austro Control. The Austro Control is responsible for the Austrian airspace. Compared to applications in other European countries, more information must be provided in Austria, which takes some time before being granted permission for the uplift. For this purpose, the so-called “operating license for unmanned free balloons” must be completed. Particularly helpful for this issue is the so-called SERA regulation, provided by the EU, which we also provide to download here for free:

Betriebsbewilligung unbemannter Freiballon (PDF Download)
SERA VO (PDF Download) (Für “Unbemannte Freiballone” s. Anlage 2 (ab S. 54))

Due to the geographical proximity to Germany, some of our Austrian customers start in the south of Germany, as the ascent permit for the German airspace can be obtained much more easily and faster. Furthermore, the registration in Austria is not only time consuming and complex, the price must be taken into consideration as well. The average price for the ascent license in Austria is about 200 EUR. In comparison, the price for the approval in Germany, depending on the Luftfahrtbundesamt is between 30 to 90 EUR, which is much cheaper.

Registration in Germany

Insuring Your Weather Balloon in Austria!

To apply for the ascent permit for your weather balloon in Austria, you need aviation liability insurance to cover personal and property damage. You can obtain weather balloon insurance for Austria from here: Siegfried Peschke KG.

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