» So kannst Du Deinen Wetterballon in Deutschland anmelden! «

If you want to get your „ stratosphere adventure“ started, you need a permit for your weather balloon. Legally the balloon is called an “unmanned free balloon”. It is up to the different German states to approve your permit to launch the weather ballon.
Therefore, please check for the approval of your permit, in your desired state with the local Federal Aviation Authority, and in some cases, the German Air Traffic Control might have to be consulted. The registration will take place at your local authority via email. The complete process, from applying to permission, will take round about two to four calendar weeks.
To make your registration as easy as possible, we have developed a generator that will guide you through the process of the registration step by step. Furthermore, the generator provides some tips and hints.* At the end of the process, you will receive an email with all the relevant data for your registration. This email has to be forwarded to your local responsible Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

Note/attention: Stratoflights wants to point out that we can’t take any responsibility if the permission will not be granted. Furthermore, we can’t take any liability for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information published on our website. In any case, you are required to check the current legal situation with the appropriate authorities before the flight.

Overview and contact details of the national aviation authorities:

Contact details of the German Air Traffic Control (DFS):

* Our tool provides you with a completion assistance for your ascent approval regarding the requirements from the Federal Aviation Office and the German Air Traffic Control. Stratoflights has no connection with the authorities and takes no guarantee or liability. In any case, a direct contact with the authorities is required.

Durchführungsverordnung (EU) Nr. 923/2012 (Für "Unbemannte Freiballone" s. Anlage 2 (ab S. 54))

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