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It was never easier to produce your own footage from the stratosphere.
Here you can buy a weather balloon as well as other important items for the flight into the stratosphere.

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It has never been easier to take your own shots from the stratosphere: With us you can buy a weather balloon for your research mission, or if it's your first mission to the stratosphere, you can also buy a Weather Balloon Kit. We offer only the highest quality equipment with step-by-step instructions. We are proud that through our years of experience we produce the majority of our products ourselves or have them manufactured to our specifications, so all of our equipment is perfectly designed for the conditions of the stratosphere. So besides weather balloons we also offer reliable GPS trackers, bottle pressure reducers and dataloggers so you can record all readings during your stratospheric flight, parachutes and a special cord that meet the legal requirements of aviation authorities, teaching units for teachers, a weather balloon manual „How to launch a Weather Balloon“ and much more! With Stratoflights' high-quality and reliable equipment, nothing will prevent you from a successful stratospheric mission! Promised!

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